Resolution: Annual Conference New Ministry Development

The intent of this resolution is to set a particular standard for annual conference new ministry development strategy.

SUBJECT: Centering digital, diversity, and dreams in Annual Conference new ministry development


ESTIMATED FISCAL IMPACT: Net reduction in spending

SOURCE OF STAFF TIME: Annual Conference Director of Congregational Development (or equivalent)


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that every church plant or new ministry that receives Annual Conference funding meet the requirements of:

  • Starting w/ a culturally-conscious digital presence (ie. media, website)
  • Having an advisory board that is at least half made up of persons who are black, indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC)
  • Addressing a concrete aspiration of a given locale, community, or people group; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the total amount of church planting, new ministry development, or congregational development educational programming in the life of the Annual Conference be at least half BIPOC-centric in content including the rapidly shifting:

  • Attitudes on religiosity in American culture
  • Desires to participate in organized religion
  • Demographics per locale or region

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Annual Conference Board of Congregational Development (or equivalent) and related district committees develop strategy through consultation with leaders from:

  • Denominationally-related caucuses
  • Local non-profits, business, and government; and